Easily Create Movies, Presentations & Animations for the Web, Mobile Devices, DVDs & Computers!
Welcome to MovieWorks!

MovieWorks is a powerful, easy and affordable multimedia software suite for creating movies, presentations and animations that will playback on a wide range of platforms and devices! Its multitrack Sequencer allows for precise timing and dynamic screen compositions far beyond what is capable in the plethora of free movie/video editing products like iMovie™, Filmora™ and others. The integrated media editors (Paint, Sound, Animator and Video) allow for basic content creation or you may import content from other software applications and put it all together in MovieWorks. MovieWorks Plus includes everything in MovieWorks with the addition of features for creating menus, buttons, custom play controls and unlimited Scenes making it possible to create larger productions.

The Gallery page has excerpts from a variety of projects created with MovieWorks and MovieWorks Plus. Also, there are numerous training and tutorial resources available on the Support page. And finally, on the Products page, in addition to more detailed information, you can view "Product Tour" movies all created with MovieWorks!