Located in the San Francisco Bay Area in Pleasanton, California, MovieWorks Software, Inc. was founded in January, 2014 after acquiring all the Intellectual Property (IP) of MovieWorks and MovieWorks Plus which were formerly developed and published by Interactive Solutions, Inc. (ISI) for over 20 years.

MovieWorks Plus has been adopted by numerous school districts due to its unprecedented value, and is also used by professionals and home users worldwide due to its ease-of-use, power and high-quality results! MovieWorks was bundled with a number of multimedia hardware products.

Bill LaCommare - Chairman

Bill has been involved with managing the design, development and marketing of multimedia software applications for the last 30 years. From 1987 to 2011, Bill led Interactive Solutions, Inc. (ISI) which developed and marketed MovieWorks, which was included in Apple's Education Software bundles for over a decade, and used by schools, consumers and professionals around the world. Prior to ISI, Bill started his first company in 1986 called Computer Enhanced Interactive Training (CEIT Systems). CEIT developed and marketed a Computer-Based Training (CBT) authoring software program called Authology that was standardized on by numerous Fortune 500 companies including AT&T, Amdahl, Intel, FMC, HP and many others.

Ron Lingl - Vice President of Software Development

Ron has been involved with the development of both the Macintosh and Windows versions of MovieWorks and MovieWorks Plus since 1995. Prior to MovieWorks, Ron was employed at Triad Systems Corporation where he worked as a Software Engineer. Triad made inventory control systems for auto parts and hardware stores around the world.



David Hentschel - Marketing

David is a Grammy award winning record producer who has achieved millions of worldwide single and album sales, and has collaborated with many of the greatest artists of all time. Looking to promote his music production business, David chose MovieWorks Plus to create his interactive CD in 2007 after extensive market research. Read the "Success Story" about his production.

After completing his project, David served as a marketing consultant at ISI and MovieWorks Software, Inc. and led the development efforts of our collateral material, product packaging, website and Product Tour. David's Wikipedia page

Steve LaCommare - President

For over 40 years, Steve has been a senior-level executive in both hardware and software environments with start-up and public high-technology companies. In 1997, Steve co-founded Imagin Systems Corporation and was their VP of Sales through 2013 selling intra-oral cameras for the dental marketplace. From 1973 - 1993, Steve was VP of Operations for Triad Systems Corporation. From 1964 - 1973, Steve was an Electrical Engineer and Manufacturing Manager for Data Disc, Inc., a manufacturer of the first Winchester Technology disc drives and video display systems.