Awards & Reviews


4 Mice in Macworld Magazine

“MediaWorks is a powerful, versatile tool for creating Web movies, slide shows, and interactive presentations. Factor in its attractive price, and it's is worthy of a hearty Eureka!”


Fabulous Features Keep Users in Sync

“Along with its editors, the Sequencer window allows users to precisely time everything, and unlimited narration and other track overlays that make it possible for everyone from the corporate professional to the student moviemaker to produce a high-quality product.”


4 Stars in PC Magazine

“MediaWorks strikes a good balance between ease of use and breadth of functions. You’ll find all you need to create Web movies, multimedia presentations, and slide shows with audio and special effects.”


4 Stars on TechTV

“Families and small businesses get all the necessary tools they’ll need to create web movies, professional-styled slide shows that are a step above PowerPoint presentations, or interactive CDs. At $49, MediaWorks is a great bargain too.”


Best Budget Multimedia Authoring Tool

“I was able to create a MediaWorks presentation in less than an hour. If you want to dip your feet into the multimedia pool, MediaWorks offers a low-cost, user-friendly way to do so.”
Presentations Magazine - Best Budget Multimedia Authoring Tool