Video, Animation, Sound & Paint/Photo Editors

MovieWorks Video

  • Capture analog and DV video from virtually any source
  • Edit out unwanted segments
  • Export and render to a variety of formats.
  • Display any number of movies simultaneously and cut, copy & paste between them.
  • Export any frame as a picture
Video Screen Capture

MovieWorks Animator

  • Create frame-based cel animations up to 256 x 256 pixels
  • Use integrated Paint tools or use other Paint program and import files
  • Save as a .pics file (Mac) or
  • Adjust Speed of frame cycling
  • Import .pict files (Mac) or .bmp files (Win)
  • Drag & Drop any number of .pict files (Mac)
  • Show outline of previous frame (Mac)
  • Rotate (Mac)
Animator Screen Capture

MovieWorks Sound

  • Record, import and edit sound, narration and music
  • Apply audio effects like echo, fade-in, fade-out and flange
  • Adjust and save the Pitch (Mac)
  • Silence out any segment
  • Play sounds backwards
  • Add Markers for reference when sequencing
Sound Tool Screen Capture

MovieWorks Paint

  • Paint program with photo enhancement tools
  • Customizable patterns and gradient backgrounds
  • Create, import or edit any existing graphic supported by QuickTime
  • Crop, scale, rotate or adjust Brighness & Contrast of photos
  • Rectangle and Lasso Selection tools
  • Line, Fill and Erasor color selection
  • Smooth the edges of any geometric shape
Paint Tool Screen Capture