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Under the direction of Dr. Kathleen Eide, all students in the Education Department at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida have been required to create fairly extensive presentations on a topical area of interest using MediaWorks. Since 2000, 800 students have completed the class, working in pairs to create over 400 presentations. The projects include segments for the Title, Purpose, Standards, Main Menu, Content, Authors, Resources, Activities, and a Quiz. A project requirements document shows the minimimum features that must be in the project to receive an A, B or C grade. Many projects include video clips and photos from Discovery Education.


Life in the 20s & 30s
Amazing Frogs
Pioneering Trails

MediaWorks Projects Created by Students at Flagler College

Excerpts from select projects. Click the icon to view a short movie. Projects have been reduces in size.

Dr. Eide

Dr. Kathleen Eide explains how MediaWorks was selected as the multimedia authoring tool to be used at Flagler College.

Dr. Eide continues, “I believe that multimedia has and will continue to change teaching and learning. The techniques and tools of the teachers of the future must include multimedia if they are to meet the demands of the next generation of learners who are being exposed to technology at younger and younger ages. I have seen some amazing MediaWorks created presentations over the last 8 years. The creativity often astounds me! The animations, color, music, theatrical voices, and the movie clips the students used produce high quality presentations with excellent content and entertainment for learning!”

Dr. Davis

Dr. Sandy Davis, Associate Professor of Education at Flager elaborates on her experience with MediaWorks.

“The interactive MediaWorks projects created by the Flagler College students in Dr. Kathleen Eide’s Instructional Design class intrigued and inspired me to the extent that this semester I signed up to take the course myself. Going through school in the typewriter era, I was at first a bit nervous at the fast-pace of the class; however, have pleasantly found the software to be straightforward. As a college professor, former elementary school teacher and artist, I see so many ways to use MediaWorks in both my professional and personal life. This multimedia authoring tool is highly addictive and promotes creative and artistic energy and excitement about learning. When I leave the office at 5:00, I head home with my jump drive in hand to continue work on my multimedia project which when complete will be a fabulous tool for me to use in one of the methods courses I am teaching. Once I have fulfilled the requirements for the Instructional Design class, I plan to explore the program to create podcasts and presentations for the college courses I teach, an interactive professional portfolio of my accomplishments, and gifts of slideshows and movies for my family and friends!”