Featured User: Commander Kevin Marty, USN

US Navy Commander Excels with MediaWorks

The Challenge:

Training design and distribution for US Navy combines unique and difficult challenges with demanding schedules, high-level artistic standards and often extreme budgetary constraints.

The Solution:

Commander Kevin J. Marty NC, USN Staff Education and Training for the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, turned to the Mac OS X version of MediaWorks as his multimedia authoring tool of choice for delivering high-quality training and orientation materials.


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Cdr. Kevin Marty With 26 years in the U.S. Navy, CDR Kevin Marty, a registered nurse, focuses his talents on education and training. Of particular interest to educators and trainers, CDR Marty obtained a masters degree in education technology from San Diego State University. With extensive experience in the Navy' Nurse Corps and an EdTech degree in hand, CDR Marty has the perfect combination of knowledge and skills to develop CD-based training materials for the largest floating hospital on earth: the USNS MERCY T-AH19.

After reviewing numerous programs, CDR Marty determined MediaWorks to be the most powerful, easiest and cost-effective solution to meet his creative needs as well as the demanding requirements of the San Diego Naval Medical Center.

"I tried every tool you can imagine; PowerPoint™, Director™, HTML, ToolBook™, Astound™, eZedia™; you name it! MediaWorks was cross-platform, the easiest to use, had the flexibility and finess I needed, and was by far the most affordable."

CDR Marty's first major MediaWorks project was commissioned by Senior Nurse, Commander Bonny Schofield.

"People were asking what a hospital ship was and Commander Schofield asked if I could put something together that tells about the MERCY and its mission."

The result was an interactive overview of the USNS MERCY (a converted San Clemente-Class 90,000 ton crude oil tanker) provided to personnel interested in the largest floating hospital. This was handed out in the form of a 50 megabyte CD-card to hundreds of civilian and Navy personnel from corpsman to admirals.
USNS MERCY Cross-Section
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Successful Outcome:

This effort paid off in the form of a follow-on request to expand the project to encompass an interactive walk-through of the entire hospital ship. The purpose of which introduces new and existing ship personnel to every facet of the MERCY. With nearly 200 hours invested, the resulting CD contains 500 megabytes of photos, videos, PowerPoint presentations (converted to MediaWorks slide shows) all linked through a main menu and interactive cross-sections of the ship. As of May 2001, CDR Marty's USNS MERCY Orientation CD is now used as a standard orientation/training tool within the U.S. Navy Medical Corps.

"I worked with every department on the MERCY, which is literally a floating city housing up to 1000 patient beds and 3000 Navy and civilian personnel. Each department already had PowerPoint presentations which I polished up and converted to MediaWorks-compatible presentations. Thanks also goes to Mr. Knorr of the Naval Medical Center Television Production Division to convert existing high-end video into QuickTime."

In addition to a stirring introduction, overview and interactive cross-sections, CDR Marty included scenes featuring 360-degree QuickTime VR™ movies of the MERCY's Flight Deck and Casualty Receiving. The source photos were taken by Dr. Bernie Dodge, Professor of Education Technology at SDSU, and CDR Marty used Apple's QuickTime VR Authoring Kit to create the interactive panoramas. The USNS Mercy Orientation CD has been categorized as "Official Use Only".
Along with signficant contributions by CDR Schofield, CAPT Karen MCKinsey, also a nurse on the MERCY, provided the research and content for a scene entitled, "Hospital Ships: Sailing In and Out of Harm's Way". This history of the important and proud heritage of Naval Hospital ships commences with the origins of the Greeks using ships as mobile hospitals, followed by a brief synopsis of every U.S. Navy hospital ship from the INTREPID in 1804 to the USNS COMFORT AH20.
Shipboard Firefighting is perhaps the most critical training Navy personnel will experience. CDR Marty linked existing HTML files using MediaWorks' document linking feature. Using existing footage, he also features a 9 minute video on Abandon Ship and Liferaft Inflation procedures. The HTML files and associated images are included on the CD and open with the user's default browser.
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Deployment Project:
Deployment Project
Deployment Project (Final Image)
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In March 2003, with the advent of the Iraq war, Lieutenant Comander J.J. Whitcomb contacted CDR Marty about the possibility of creating something special for the deployed Navy Medical personnel. CDR Whitcomb had all the names and since this was to be featured in a world-wide video teleconference, he wanted something with more "zip" than the typical PowerPoint presentation.

CDR Marty, with MediaWorks in hand, rose to the challenge and produced a 3 minute project dedicated to all deployed nurses and corpsman deployed to Iraq. In April 2003, the "Deployment" project was video teleconferenced live to the entire United States Navy including those stationed in Guam, Italy, Hawaii, Okinawa and other ports.

Disclaimer: This Featured User story in no way constitutes endorsement of MediaWorks or any other product referenced herein by the United States Navy or the San Diego Naval Medical Center.