Easily Create High-Quality Movies & Interactive Multimedia Projects

MovieWorks and MediaWorks both come bundled with four integrated media editors - Animator, Video, Sound and Paint/Photo. Click on the links to the left to find out more about MovieWorks, MediaWorks and the media editors!

$29.95 for Mac OS

MovieWorks allows anyone to easily create high-quality multimedia projects for the web, mobile devices, computers, HDTVs and DVDs. Its main differentiating factor is that it offers more dynamic screen compositions with unlimited layers, and timing control than the entry-level movie, slide show and presentation software programs currently available in the market.

$79.95 for Mac OS

MediaWorks includes everything in MovieWorks with the addition of features for creating menus, buttons, custom play controls and unlimited "Scenes" (i.e. like chapters in a book) making it possible to create larger productions. MediaWorks' projects may be saved as standalone files and distributed with the free Mac Player Application.