Education Testimonials

One of the Best Multimedia Authoring Programs Available

“Our students have used MediaWorks for the last 3 years to create clay animation movies and a variety of interactive projects including adventure stories and history reports! As a K-12 educator, I prefer assigning student projects which promote critical and non-linear thinking. When a student creates an interactive multimedia project with multiple links to various pages of sights, sounds, videos and other content (rather than a static linear slideshow) the project and the learning becomes more meaningful and dynamic. MediaWorks is easy to use, yet powerful enough for complex projects as well. It includes more than just the typical tools for adding text, graphics and animation allowing students to create incredible content from scratch. MediaWorks, without a doubt, is one of the best interactive, multimedia authoring programs available.”

Joseph Morris
Educational Technology Director
The Gillispie Elementary School, La Jolla, CA
Apple Distinguished Educator
Larry Elchuck Ph.D.

Complete Multimedia Authoring Solution

“Our teachers are long time HyperStudio users and we found MediaWorks to be an optimal multimedia authoring solution as we move to newer Operating Systems, including Mac OS X and Windows XP. In addition to the main authoring program called, the suite includes a complete set of editing tools that allows students to create and edit sound, animations, digital images, and video without using third party applications. The MediaWorks support and programming staff have been quick to address support issues and suggested improvements.”

Larry Elchuck, Ph.D.
Technology Coordinator, Chignecto-Regional Schools
Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

Joe Chase

Great Value for Our District

“There's nothing else like MediaWorks! A deciding factor in supplying it to the entire district was that we can teach students of all ages (4th grade and up) how to create a multimedia presentation in about an hour and get impressive results. We'd have to purchase something like $500 in separate software packages with steep learning curves to do what MediaWorks does. The classes are using it for storytelling, book reports, field trips and more.”

Joe Chase
Instructional Supervisor
Houston ISD, Texas

Bill Ragsdale

One of the Best Programs We've Ever Used

“We're a National Blue Ribbon Middle School in Northern California and one of the best programs we have here is called MediaWorks. We've found that it was so easy to use that with a minimal amount of instruction, maybe 10- 15 minutes, the students were off and running. They've made great projects and I've found it to be one of the best programs we've ever used to teach kids how to use multimedia. We have PowerPoint, iMovie and Final Cut Pro in the classroom, but we find that the control that MediaWorks provides for the projects that the kids want to do is easier for the kids to master!”

Bill Ragsdale
Computer Teacher
Harvest Park Middle School

Grace Vaknin

Inspires Both Teachers and Students

“We setup 12 MediaWorks labs in some of our most needy schools. The beauty of these labs is they lend to student-based projects and allow students to experience sophisticated equipment technologies to prepare them to enter the 21st century workplace. MediaWorks is a great product for inspiring both teachers and students to engage in learning!”

Grace Vaknin
Instructional Coordinator
Collier County School District - Naples, FL
Marilu Prenn

Greater Control of Auditory & Visual Components

“We adopted MediaWorks in our district to enhance and produce multimedia lessons in our district. It allows for greater control of the auditory and visual components of lesson presentation. It's multi-modal appeal assists in the communication of information for a broad variety of student needs across a variety of grade levels and is appropriate for use in any subject area!”

Marilu Prenn
Instructional Technology
Pomona Unified School Districty, CA

Optimal Migration Path for HyperStudio

“MediaWorks is the optimal migration path for HyperStudio users and the best-valued multimedia-authoring suite for schools. Its editors are full-featured enough for great results and all the aspects of non-linear, interactive authoring were possible. MediaWorks greatly simplifies delivery with its single file final project, and its QuickTime-based engine ensured projects run the same way every time no matter where they're played. Using MediaWorks, I could get professional results and create CDs in a snap. Plus, irritations found with other programs disappeared - no complex licensing procedures, registration codes, multiple CDs, or heavy system requirements. Moreover, the price and support was beyond compare!”

Jeff Kelley
Former HyperStudio Team Member

Successful Replacement for HyperStudio

“Keene Middle School has used MediaWorks for the last three and a half years and it has been a successful replacement to HyperStudio. I downloaded demo's of the leading multimedia authoring software, and after previewing each one, found MediaWorks to be the one program that matched the ease of HyperStudio along with other interesting features.”

Robert Austin
Technical Coordinator
Keene Middle School
Keene, New Hampshire

Teaches Fundamentals of Multimedia Development

“MediaWorks is a great program for teaching students the fundamentals of multimedia development. In many ways we are reverse engineering what they already see and do with the multimedia that surrounds us. Through MediaWorks, students are learning the "behind the scenes" of interactive media development and adopting life-long processing skills.”

Mark C Gibson
Technical Coordinator
Indian Creek Science and Technology
Magnet School
Indianapolis, Indiana
Texas School for the Deaf

Empowers Students with Hearing Difficulties

“The Regional Day School Program for the Deaf (RDSPD) provides educational services to teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students in 59 programs for over 7,500 students state-wide. Technology Outreach Support Coordinator, Pamela Fletcher, was introduced to MediaWorks at NECC in San Antonio, and immediately recognized the possibilities for using MediaWorks with RDSPD teachers and students, especially when it came to using its "video-in-picture" capabilities.”

Pamela Fletcher
Technology Outreach Support Cooridinator
TEA's Regional Day School Program
Austin, Texas