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Ease, Quality & Flexibility

“MediaWorks is a critical tool in allowing me to create multimedia presentations with the ease, quality and flexibility not found in other products. Creating presentations at resolutions higher than DVD quality (720x480), with multiple overlapping sound files, is no problem in MediaWorks! I love to combine a wide range of music with sound effects stored in Apple's iTunes, and then merge everything together in the MediaWorks' sequencer. It's like creating magic! I do not know of any other software that would let me do this so easily. Mixing still images with edited video clips, and a carefully selected blend of old and new music, is also very easy and allows me to create presentations that keep everyone interested and alert. Another great thing about MediaWorks has been the support. The web site is full of helpful ideas and information, and is in a class by itself. Whenever I have needed additional assistance, I can send an email message and receive a fast reply. If I wanted to start a new career I guess it would be making movies with MediaWorks.”

Bob Thompson,
Retired Teacher & Photo Enthusiast
Morgan Hill, California

Fun and Easy-to-use

“MediaWorks was the perfect software solution to create a multimedia production out of over 800 family photos from the last 100 years. The batch processing and auto-sequencing tools in MediaWorks saved me a lot of time. Adding titling and music was easy, and I was able to have a full-blown multimedia slide show in just a few hours! If I were to have paid someone to do this for me, it would have cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to produce. Not only is MediaWorks fun and easy-to-use, but the finished production is a priceless treasure my family will watch for years to come. ”

Renee Lakatos
Atlanta, GA

Makes My Friends and Family Happy

“MediaWorks is a great product and I'm certainly enjoying using it, especially when I see how happy the presentations make my friends and family! ”

Pam Kirschbaum
Richmond, Virginia