Professional Testimonials

David Hentschel

So Intuitive and Included All the Tools Needed

“I needed to put together a cross-platform multimedia biographical presentation which included a large amount of video and audio clips. Moreover, I wanted to synchronize on-screen text to these clips and incorporate interactivity and web links. I looked at all the other software available for authoring my project and found each package wanting due to either inadequate features, unnecessary complexity, unreliability, steep learning curves or prohibitive cost. Literally within minutes of downloading the demo I was authoring. MediaWorks is so intuitive and includes all the tools I needed in one very user-friendly package. I can't imagine how I could have achieved such a high quality result in so short a time using anything other than MediaWorks. All this for $79? Wow!”

David has worked with some of the best in the business including Elton John, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Genesis, Queen and many others! For more info, visit David's website!

David Hentschel
London, UK

Number One Software for Podcast Authoring

“Bar none, MediaWorks is the number 1 software for Professional Podcast Authoring on the PC. Their suite of tools is comprehensive, intuitive and ensure a cost effective end result. At CalYoga we’ve been using the program for 5 years and have no desire to explore other options. Their Service/Technical & Support Operation are also a key ingredients to our ongoing dedication to the company. Whenever we’ve have had a need in this area, their response time was prompt and thorough. Their intervention and commitment to our success, was out of the box and appreciated to the highest degree!”

Byron Miller
Master Instructor
Kevin Marty

MediaWorks Provides Flexibility & Finesse

“I tried every tool you can imagine; PowerPoint™, Director™, HTML, ToolBook™, Astound™, eZedia™; you name it! MediaWorks was cross-platform, the easiest to use, had the flexibility and finess I needed, and was by far the most affordable.”

Commander Kevin Marty
Naval Medical Center
San Diego, CA
Rick Meredith

Just What the Doctor Ordered

“I think you have a great application which hits the mark in areas that Flash™ and Director™ lack in at the moment. The ease of learning MediaWorks is a huge plus. When starting on the Bethel Experience project, my team considered around ten to fifteen applications known for their use in multimedia production: Flash, Director, iShell™, eZedia™, to name a few. MediaWorks proved to be just what the doctor ordered, and your staff helped tremendously every step of the way.”

Rick Meredith
Chicago Multi-Media
Chicago, IL
Jeff Kivett

The Perfect Solution

“I purchased Director™ and ended up putting it on the shelf because the learning curve was so great. I needed something simple to create interactive CD's for Windows and Mac and came across MediaWorks. MediaWorks was the perfect solution because I was able to take it out of the box and begin building a project immediately with just making simple references to the manuals Fundamentals section. MediaWorks is as easy as it gets...and it makes you look like a pro!”

Jeff Kivett
MediaFuel creates PREMIUM POWERED Business Marketing Tools using graphic design, print, website design, photography, virtual tours, internet audio/video and interactive CD's.

Adaptability and Depth

“The reason I love MediaWorks is because of its adaptability and depth. I author portfolio CD's for a great number of distinct clients in motion picture and television, and I never feel I have to be redundant. It's accessibility and ease of use, as remarkable as they are, is even further supplemented by its very affordable price.”

Tom Drotar
Hollywood, California

Unbelievably Easy to Learn

“I can't believe how easy MediaWorks is to learn. I had finally bought a copy of Director 6.0 off eBay but quickly became discouraged from the learning curve. All I wanted to do was create interactive CD-ROMs. How hard could that be? Having a subscription to MacAddict, I came across a "How to" article for MediaWorks that also included a demo on the MacAddict CD-ROM. YAHOO! I was so happy to finally have found a software product that was easy to use AND did exactly what I wanted. At last I could create interactive CD-ROMs for both Windows and Mac users. Many thanks to the outstanding work of the Interactive Solutions, Inc. team.”

Eric P. Wyatt
e-media Multi-technologies
Dayton, Ohio

Definitely One of the Best Values Out There

“MediaWorks is one of those rare products that is great for both beginners and seasoned multimedia professionals. I've used it for simple presentations and for complex commercial projects. It's fun and easy to work with on any level. Definitely one of the best values out there, considering what you can do with it.”

Peter DeArmond
Founder, DreamSynergy
Bakersfield, California

We Got What We Wanted

“We needed a multimedia authoring tool that offered our clients a lot of user functionality such as video playback, Web page linking, calling up e-mail, displaying PDF documents, and yet didn't require a huge investment in terms of learning time and money. We got what we wanted in MediaWorks.”

David Donnenfield
David Donnenfield Productions
San Francisco, California

Better than PowerPoint

“MediaWorks is a great product. I've had the opportunity to develop several PowerPoint projects but I keep coming back to MediaWorks for better features, faster development, but most of all a smoother end product. PowerPoint has inherent "hiccup" type transitions between images and screen sequencing. MediaWorks blends events from one image to another, and provides unprecedented presentation quality.”

Dave Summer
Hi Tech Santa Cruz, California