Tips & Tricks

Document & Web page Linking

MediaWorks allows you to easily link to other applications, documents (i.e. PowerPoint (.ppt), Word (.doc), Excel (.xls), Acrobat (.pdf)) and web pages.

While you could export your PowerPoint presentation to a series of images, or import screen captures of Web pages or Acrobat files, in most cases you just want to incorporate these "external" projects "as-is". This is where MovieWorks' "URL and Doc Link" functions comes in very handy where you can link to any external file or web site from any text or button object.


  1. Within your MovieWorks project, create a text or button object.
  2. With the object selected, choose Attributes from the Objects menu.
    The Text or Button Attributes dialog appears.
  3. If linking to a Web page, simply click the URL radio button and enter the URL you want to link to.
  4. If linking to a document (.ppt, .pdf, or even another application!) click the Doc radio button and then click the "Choose" button. A file selection dialog appears.
  5. Navigate to the file or program you want to launch, select it, and click Open. The filename will appear in the dialog. Click OK to complete the link.
  6. If the Scene you're building is longer than 1 second, you will need to extend the duration of the object to the end of the Scene. To do this, click once on the button or text object to highlight it. Then, open the Sequencer Window and click the "sideways T" button to extend its duration to the end.
  7. Click the Play button on the Play Controls window or press CTRL-G.
    When the object is clicked, the document or web page will open.
  8. When finished, make a Player document (File-Make Player).
  9. Move all linked files to the same folder location as the Player document (.plr) and MediaWorks Player applications. To keep things tidy, create a folder named "PDF" and place your externally linked files in this folder.
  10. Burn your Player document, PDF folder and the the Mac and Win MediaWorks Player applications to CD. That's it!