Tips & Tricks

Navigable Slideshows

MovieWorks has the flexibility to present content in numerous ways. One approach is to make slideshows that can be navigated using the keyboard Arrow keys. To create this type of slide show:

  1. Choose Preferences from the MovieWorks menu, click the Sequencer tab, and make sure the Auto-Sequence Overlap set to 0.
  2. Uncheck "Auto-Start" from the General Preferences dialog.
  3. Drag in your images and and auto-sequence them. See Sequencing.
  4. Click Play.
  5. Use the Arrow keys to navigate through the pictures.
  6. Export as a QuickTime movie.
  7. Open your movie in QuickTime Player and navigate your slideshow by pressing the Arrow keys.

With this type of slideshow, you can't use transitions or background audio. However, a nice aspect is that the duration of the images doesn't matter. Simply use the default one-second for Picture duration and with Auto-Start unchecked, you will have an easy-to-navigate slideshow playable across all platforms.

Click on the movie (not Play) and use the Arrow keys!