Tips & Tricks

Integrating Online Tests

Creating customized curriculum and tests for students of all ages and risk groups is important to meeting national, state and local academic goals.

Since MediaWorks allows connecting to external files and urls, this tutorial explains how to link a MovieWorks Player document to an online test created with the popular QuizStar™ website ( For this example, a short historic biographical history project has been created that features a link to a related online quiz.


  1. Determine what facts and figures the student will be tested on. (Rubric)
  2. Acquire related content, photos, text, movies as applicable. (Web search)
  3. Build the project consisting of an introductory scene (menu), instructional Scene(s) and quiz scene with student instructions and link to the online quiz. As follows:

    1. For the "Quiz" Scene, add a Text Object for the user name and password information and any other info desired.
    2. Add another Text Object with the words, "Take the Quiz".
    3. With this Text Object selected, choose Attributes from the Objects menu. The Text Attributes dialog appears.
    4. Click the URL radio button option and in the URL field enter:
    5. Click OK when done. Preview the Scene (CTRL-G) and click the text link to ensure it's going to the correct location.
    6. Once satisfied, save your final project.

  4. Select Make Player from the File menu to create a new (.plr) document (be sure to retain the .plr extension).
  5. Create the quiz (