The Expedition Project

Project-Based Learning and MovieWorks go hand-in-hand.

The Expedition Project is designed for professional development and covers how to build a complete project that incorporates a variety of core-district software.

The script for presenting the Expedition project is currently being updated for MediaWorks version 8. MediaWorks was formerly called MovieWorks Author.

Completed MovieWorks Player Document

Expedition Project for Mac & Win (63 MB .zip)

Source materials used in the Expedition Project

Expedition Content (33 MB .zip)

Summary of National Educational Technology Skills NETS skills learned using MovieWorks

Skills (21 KB .pdf) or (HTML)

Script and step-by-step for the Expedition Project

Presenting the Expedition Project (65 KB .pdf)

For Teachers - Project-Based Learning

Summary of Project-Based Learning using MovieWorks

Project-Based Learning Guide (70 KB .pdf)