Enhancing a PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Launch PowerPoint and open an existing slide presentation.
  2. Select File-Save As, choose a location, set the format to JPEG and click OK.
  3. Click "Yes" when asked if you want to export every slide in the presentation.
  4. Quit PowerPoint and Launch MovieWorks.
  5. Launch Video and capture a person giving their PowerPoint presentation.
    Try a capture size of 240 x 180. Pause 1 or 2 seconds at beginning and end of each segment. Narrate a brief synopsis of each slide (10 seconds). Comment on the content instead of simply reading the slide.
  6. Drag the slide show images into MovieWorks (they import in numerical order).
  7. Drag in the movie and reposition it to a corner as desired.
  8. Play your project.
  9. As you watch, listen to the narrative and press CONTROL-M at each point in time the slide should change. Don't worry about the slide images yet.
  10. When done, open the sequencer, and select all the slides (drag a selection around the picture timebars). Don't select the movie!
  11. Hold the Shift-key and click the Auto-Sequence button.
  12. Play your project and adjust the Markers if necessary (Mac: Option-drag Win: Alt-drag) and Auto-Sequence again.
  13. Export as a Rendered or Unrendered QuickTime movie. (File > Export > QuickTime >Rendered or Unrendered).    

You now have a perfectly sync'd, cross-platform, video-narrated slide show sharable on any computer with QuickTime installed.    

View an Example (6.1 MB .mov)
Download the sources to this project (4.6 MB .zip)

For further tips on using MovieWorks' Marker feature, check out Sequencing Techniques.